Web Info Tutorial:

It is a set of tutorials and step in clusters ( How to clone with clonezilla ).

On this page you will find a description of the items you have in the left menu.
<< You can find mainly information on cloning with a LiveCD or LiveUSB key ! >>


What system you clone?
Mac OS X
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8

Cloning and disk image:

Clonezilla DRBL server ( Cloning mass - multicast deployment ) :
The clonezilla livecd Server will allow you to start a DRBL server with clonezilla DHCP options,
NFS , PXE ....and clone the client machines on which you started with the livecd clonezilla live .
You can create your image files that you store on an external hard drive or USB key .
(It is also possible to create a LiveUSB key as Livecd . )
It is also a great tool for network deployment !!!
Supported formats ( ext2 , ext3 , reiserfs , xfs , jfs , FAT, NTFS , HFS+ ) .
We can therefore create images of : Windows XP , Vista , seven, Windows 8, Linux , MacOS X.
I used Clonezilla Server for cloning and deployment of next-generation Mac with intel technology.

Clonezilla live ( with cloning image or cloning disk to disk file) :
The livecd clonezilla live will allow you to create image files of your disks ( partitions) or clone them
and make backups that you can restore easily.

Clonezilla live target (disk to disk cloning) :
The livecd clonezilla live   will allow you to clone a computer's hard disk to another computer 
the network ( this has been tested with Windows, Linux and MacOS X).

Clonezilla liveUSB : :
Create bootable USB key  with the iso file clonezilla.